Marion Brando
Staff No. 627466/272636

Marion (from Aramaei: small beautiful one), daughter of the surf, of a Piratin from the sea fished, later in the course of a full moon Trinkgelages on board again inside please. Second rescue from own spirit strength owing to communication talent with algae. In a lighthouse at the Mexican coast cooking and watching television learned, afterwards study of the applied Lingualtechniken as well as the deepened Cosmology. Thesis over the Hermeneutics of the Balzverhaltens of centralEuropean singing birds in the morning-grey. Activity subsequently, of several years as independent commercial travellers. After a dream meeting with two siamesischen Tangotaenzern in Paris their vocational career/development begins to branch out increasingly. On 3 November she drinks a cup coffee in standing. Over several months she works on the production of a photography, something will be later on which to see. For its kurzschrift "endomorph" it is distinguished with the ehrenpreis of the university by Alma Ata.


Present position: Temporary Watcher

Translated by linguatec

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