The World Watchers
Report of Research, No. 453298 B/02

(Remark: This is unknown a transcription of the last original document, authors. Whereabouts of the remaining documents unsolved.)

The World Watchers sit in a Hochsicherheits-Kontroll control tower far above. One meet from day they watch the world by thousand from webcams on the search for irregularities. So there is their order. The World Watchers believe this at least. Meanwhile, they aren't sure. Since many generations they live forgotten by the world in this research settlement at an uncertain place. You eat rich in vitamins but monotonous of one single plant, the invigorating alga Lantara, and different drinks which all of them consist of water. A meager life. But without need. It seems hairdresser saloon to some really quietly with school, inn. A Low-Tec life without private computers, private television sets, private radios. It often rains. So much is clear.

Was lost lost during the decades of the seclusion also why the computer center doesn't send the World Watchers in the control tower any more but receives only more data is not only the exact knowledge about the order and his grounds unclearly. However, this seems normal to the World Watchers. You don't know it differently. You do undeterredly her work. Strictly after duty rota they look untiringly for new webcams and the sighted irregularities describe daily in the logbook the Weblog of the World Watchers. Not seldom go astray in these notes also dreams, wishes, rumors from the settlement and the stories of the world observers made up freely. But who can prove this against them already? Each of her contributions is freely available translation program in a kind of English transferred and with a link on the webcam provide with one on the Internet automatically.

Translated by linguatec

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